Dorothy’s Dementia

It’s Friday- 

Today is Dorothy and my day.  But, first I make a stop at my grandboys school-for Chapel- and to watch my oldest grandson preform in a skit.  I walked into the relaxed atmosphere full of wonderous youth bursting with song, happiness and hearts full of love.  It’s a wonderful place to be- in a room with so muchjoy,love and happiness. I scan the room and find my grandboys – they were sitting with their buddies-enjoying the song and totally engaged in the festivities. They smiled when they saw me- which still warms my heart -and we exchanged fist bumps. 

I found a spot in the back next to my son-in-law and just like that- my eyes started leaking-if I would have been by myself – I honestly believe that I would have dropped to my knees and released 258 days of built up tears, fear and sadness.  But, this was not the time, I was not alone, I was in an uplifing energy filled auditorium- I had to get it together.   

I kept my composure the rest of the skit – it’s very good for your soul to watch the youth in this expressive setting, they have so much positive, free spirt energy.  I need to make a regular outing to this heartwarming event- I leave feeling renewed and younger. 

I picked up mom on time- 10:00 am – for our weekly outing. I get her every Friday (unless I am out of town)  we do her laundry and we go out galivanting around town.  Our winter outing is more constricted as to what we can do.  She loves the outside and sometimes it’s not outside weather from December to  March. So, we visit Walmart, Sams Club,Goodwill and any junky store that has a variety of nick knacks and everyday things. She injoys it and it passes the time.  From time to time she will grab my hand, look me in the eyes and Thank me for getting her out- and letting her feel like a normal person. We can go up and down the isles for an hour or more- it’s always new to Doroty- she never remembers seeing any of it- and it’s always like she is seeing it for the first time.     

We have lunch at Cracker Barrel- and head back to the house to finish the laundry- she is constantly confused. I deal with it-the only way I know how.    I remember when my children used to ask me the same thing over and over and over again- or the famous “WHY?”- that was asked a trillion times. I never got upset with them- or my grandboys-so,I cannot see getting upset with mom (Dorothy) for asking the same thing over and over and over again.

Today was a good day.

Cheryl Doreen

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