Dorothy’s Dementia

I must admit- my brother and I were in denial about Dorothy depression.  It was like, What? Why? – No. 

Mom has never been on any medication- healthy as a horse, of course.  She was pretty adamant and made us promise to never put her on anymedication.  So – we promised.  She saw first -hand what meds did to the people she cared for- they blocked their ability to be themselves.  Dumbs them down, more that they deserve- moms words. 

After a few months in the Assisted Living, we noticed she was still agitated- didn’t think anything about it- we’d be agitated too- if the roles were reversed.   We (my brother, mom and I)- had a visit with the facility doctor- she suggested we put mom on anti-depression meds.  Of course, we had said no – how could we?- we had made a promised.   The doctor was a little frustrated with us- she told us that it would help mom cope day to day.  Our vision was a little bit different- you know- her sitting in a chair paralyzed dumbed down.  

 It only took about 6 weeks until we realized Dorothy needed the meds.  We agreed to half of the lowest dose- and we have seen improvement in her anxiety and restlessness.   I’m sure over time the meds will decrease in function and we will have to up the dose.  At least it will be awhile before she’s drugged out and sitting in a chair staring off into space.

 Side note- it does nothing for Sundowners.  )-:

Peace & Love,

Cheryl Doreen

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