Dorothy’s Dementia

As I said before, in the beginning -Dorothy was aware of her symptoms and what was happening to her.  When the intensity of her disease made her more frantic and uneasy we looked for natural remedies.  She was never a big fan of prescription pills – never took any (with the exception of antibiotics). She had seen firsthand from her career- the depth of them and how they controlled patients (her words).  She was satisfied with natural supplements–the ones that worked the best for her were sprays called “Stress Less” and Dr. Bach’s “Rescue Remedy”.   These products work wonders for her, she had a bottle in her pocket all the time. On occasion she would have a glass of wine- when we would take her out to dinner or when she was going to be around a lot of people. If she didn’t have a glass of wine in these situations she would get agitated and want to leave immediately. I have walked out of several places at the drop of a hat.

Mom was never a drinker- didn’t like the taste and never found the need for it.  But, I can tell you that Red Wine was really calming to her-and along with the natural remedies she seemed to be more tolerant of the changes she was going through.  The natural remedies could not keep up with the disease- as we found out when we put her in the home.  The additional stress of a new place, new people, new everything was such a huge change for her that we had to do something else. She is still on ½ of the lowest dose for antidepressants and the patch that goes along with the pill.  

I tried to get Dorothy to take the CBD oil- before we put her on the drugs, but she would not even try it.  It did not come in a spray form like what she was comfortable with. The new “stuff” had different packaging- no matter what I said, it wasn’t Stress Less, and she wasn’t trying it.   We tried to unscrew and pour the oil into the bottle– but it would not respray after opening. )-:  

Don’t be afraid to put your loved ones (even if you promised) on an antidepressant – it will help them tremendously.   Be aware of the side effects and see if they can get by on the lowest dose.  Also, be mindful of what the doctors are prescribing- whether it be the new doctor or their regular doctor.   In reality- you know your loved one much better than the doctors do- so- be verbal- ask the questions – see what other solutions there may be.  Remember you are in charge and if you are engaged- you will know when it’s time to take action.

It might be time to talk to the doctor about a strong dose.  But, maybe not- I’m not sure a stronger amount would help with the SunDowners.    Mom has just been taken over by Dementia. It’s frustrating to watch her suffer through it. It’s painful that there is nothing I or anyone can do to make it go away.   

Peace & Love,

Cheryl Doreen

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