Dorothy’s Dementia

Last night when Dorothy called all she talked about was the two boys (story) the ones who broke into her house  and poured liquid down her throat. This is where she thinks Paul found her on the floor and then she woke up in “this place- where he put me”.

Chery, have you heard anything about those two boys? And why no one took me to the hospital? How did they get in? I did not let them in. Who are they? Did Paul find out about them? Why would anyone want to do something like that to me? They were just young boys, 13 or 15- they did not wear masks. I think I could probably pick them out if I saw them again.     On and on – stuck in the groove. 

Where does this come from?  Mom is a big fan of NCIS-and all those other shows-I’ve never watched them- too dark for me.    Do you think she saw this storyline on one of the episodes? And it’s embedded into her memory bank? 

I ask mom at one point during her song- if this had happened to her when she was a little girl- just to see if this might have happened to her – just at a different time in life. She was so upset that I asked her that” NO! Cheryl- this just happened a few weeks ago- that’s why they brought me here. This is where I woke up.

Then around the song went again.

I wonder if mom talks like this all day at “the home’? Or if she saves it just for me-during Sundowners Time.

 I wonder how many of the folks there listen to her time and time again?  I wonder how many of them remember her stories.   I wonder how many have the same issue.

I do know that if I was to spend the day with her- I still would not find any answers to these questions.  

 So, I think I’ll start going in early on Friday’s -to see if she is surrounded by her friends and listen in to what Dorothy has to say.

Peace & Love,

Cheryl Doreen

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