Dorothy’s Dementia

Friday was a good day with Dorothy.   When I went into the home to get her- she was in the lobby reading- I wonder how much of it -if any-she retains?  She’s always been a reader- I’m glad she is still interested and gets pleasure from it. It makes me happy to see her content and looking “normal” in these moments. 

Dorothy did not see me walk in- she was totally engaged in her book.   One of her friends walked up to her and asked her if she wanted to join them in the Fireside Talk- Mom asked what they were going to talk about.  It put a smile on my face to see her “still in charge” of her decision – did she want to join or not?   She finally said yes.  As she was getting out of her chair- I took a few steps over to her and said “hello, mom!”  would you like to go out with me, or would you like to go the “talk”? 

Her eyes lit up when she saw me and a smile along with open arms embraced me- with the answer “well of course, I’m going to go with you!”.   

We gathered up her laundry and bundled her up and out the door we went.  Freedom!  I’m sure that’s what she feels every time she gets out. 

 We did the same routine as every Friday- and headed out to find the best Cheeseburger in Woodstock.  This was her wish for lunch – because she hasn’t had a cheeseburger in months.  ( lol) We found a new place to try and we had a good lunch.  She was calm and relaxed- she didn’t sing her song- not once.  Afterwards -we stopped at Sherman Williams paint store to pick out some paint samples.   I will tell you- she could have stayed there for hours looking at all the different colors.   If you haven’t been in a while, you should go- the colors are fantastic. (-:   She was like a little kid- pulling the samples out and looking at them- then trying to find the correct location to put them back. She was calm and focused.

  If you have the patience- and the time- take your demented love one out- if they are able- to a store, Walmart, Pottery Barn, Home Depot- anywhere they have colors and different unique things to look at.  You can kill an hour or two and it makes them feel normal. 

It’s a memory you will be making for yourself- after they are gone.

Peace & Love,

Cheryl Doreen

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