Dorothy’s Dementia

Birthday Girl!  2/22/37 is moms’ birthday!  This year it was on a Friday and Paul and I spent the entire day with her.  We picked her up- started the laundry and headed out to see which way the wind would blow.

We went to Pottery Barn and spent an hour- they have so much to look at. Then we headed on to the Marietta Fish Market got lunch- it’s an awesome place !  She was in awe of the giant fish tank- it’s pretty cool! Mom and I split a meal- there is just too much food in one serving.  She wanted Salmon Cakes and a baked potato- which was delicious.  We decided to have dessert later on in the day at the Cupcake Place in Downtown Woodstock.    

We stopped at Lowe’s and hung around there looking at paint colors and flooring.  I believe in an earlier posting -I talked about remodeling mom’s place.  It’s work in progress and every Friday she is seeing it for the first time.  One thing that never changes – she does not like the color of the bathroom – It’s Sherwin Williams “Spa”- and I love it!   But, every time mom sees it- even if it’s 5 times in the same day-she tells me how awful it is.  LOL

The Cupcake Place (not sure if this is the name or not- just what I call it) never disappoints.  Yummy!   We all had our own choice for a cupcake- and I sang Happy Birthday to her.  (-:  

We took her back to her place around 5:00- while we were out- she had a Birthday Cookie Delivery from Jessica Gary & the boys.  She was so happy to see it!  It was colorfully packaged with a big Happy Birthday Balloon.   When I gave her the card to read to see who they were from she was so happy to see the names on the card.  She called her and thanked her right away.   Then she went into the restroom came back out- and saw the gift for the first time all over again.     Jessica told me that Grams had left her 4 messages that day thanking her for the cookies.   

Dorothy called me at 6:30 and informs me that she does not need to be where she is, and she wants to go home.  Her song starts- I interrupt it with the question “did anyone come see you today on your birthday?”- She replied “No, I know you and Paul work- but Jessica and the boys sent me a Cookie Birthday Basket!”  It’s really pretty with a balloon and everything.  I need to hang up now and call her to thank her for it. Bye!

Peace & Love,

Cheryl Doreen

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