Dorothy’s Dementia

Happy Spring! Dorothy loves Spring! She could be found outside raking , pulling weeds or planting on days like today. I’ts only March but there is so much that can be done in the garden.

When mom will talk about her youth and the chores she did on the farm, she never talks much about the garden. It was granny’s garden, and I wonder if she got the swithch a time or two for going in there.

My brother, Paul takes her for rides on the weekends and ” in the moment” she enjoys the colors and observing life being renewed. I pick her daffadills and put them in a vase that she picked out one day when we were at the “junkie” stores. She saw it, loved it, and I bought it for her. It along with the flowers add brightness to her room. I wonder if she thinks of me and remembers our outing on the day she found the vase.

It’s been a cold, wet winter- Embrace this Spring- soak in all of its wonder and beauty- you never know when it will be your last one.

Peace & Love,

Cheryl Doreen

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