Dorothy’s Dementia

Last Friday when I went to pick up Dorothy for our weekly outing, she was sitting with the group and totally engaged in the event. Happiness was all that I could think of while I was observing the moment. I’ve known all along that mom is engaged with the people around her and that she only complains to Paul and me. But,to actually witness it with my own eyes-to be able to sit back realax and observe the human interaction within the group was wonderful. She was happy- they all were happy!

They were “virtual visiting” each others hometown on Google Earth. The Activities Director was asking everyone where they grew up–then she’d find the street they grew up on and they’d all be able to see it on the big TV screen. Some of the folks remembered their old “hang outs” and you could just see them go back in time. They were all experiencing this together and they were all totally engaged.

When it was mom’s turn to tell her hometown- she knew where it was – but she could not remember what street. I waited until the director moved on to the next person and was finishing up- then I walked in, hugged mom and asked what everyone was doing. They were so excited to share with me what they were doing and they told me that they could not find moms street. I told them that she lived in a few different places in Germantown and to check to see if they could find Cherry Street. Mom remembered the street and the surrounding area. It was fun- and everyone was truly happy that she was able to “go back in time”.

In the moment- is where Dorothy lives these days. I need to be present in the moment with her -to be able to appreciate it. There are silver linings in those dark clouds.

Peace & Love,

Cheryl Doreen

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