Dorothy’s Dementia

Everyone loves the Lion King.   My grandsons were in their school play over the weekend and I took mom there on Friday night for the opening show.   

I picked her up for our usual Friday- and we drove to my house- instead of hers.   She had no idea where she was- even though she’d been there a thousand times. We did her laundry and  I had some ironing that she happily did it for me. It took her two hours- long time to do 8 pieces- but that’s okay- she was content and it passed the time.

When it was time to get ready to leave- I had her “clean up” and change clothes.  I had laid out a clean change of clothes for her on the bed. She got undressed and put her shirt on- then asked me what she needed to do next- I laughed and said, “it might be a good idea to put your pants on”.  We laughed but I admit it was a little weird, but – I understand that she was out of her environment. 

We had a great time at the play and she did just fine ( you never know what she will do, say or how she will act in these situations).  Her great-grandsons were happy that she was there and the happily hugged her, made her feel special and had big smiles for the picture they proudly took with her.

The play was awesome! Such talent out there in 1stgraders-5thgraders.  (-:

Today was a good day!

Peace & Love,

Cheryl Doreen

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