Dorothy’s Dementia

When I pick up mom today – she was ready to go! LOL She was so happy to see me. After we gathered the dirty laundry- I went through her closet and cleaned out the winter coats, heavy sweaters and corduroys. I had to make room for Spring Color!

After we started the washer-we went through her spring collection of clothes- she was happy to see some reconizable items.

Then went to lunch and enjoyed the ride with the windows down soaking in the blue sky – sunshine and pollen. We stopped to get my hair trimmed and even before I sat in the chair she asked if she could get her hair cut too. Sure, why not? a new do looks great on all of us not to mention lifts our spirits. The ladies were happy to squeeze her in.

She likes the Jamie Lee Curtis look- and usually wears this most of the time. When she went into the “home” she refused to get her hair cut. I’m sure it was her way of rebelling- so I let her. She complained quite often of how the hair on her neck and eyes bothered her- but only agreed to get just a few inches cut off back in November. Today, she must of been tired of her rebel ways. She was back to looking like Jamie Lee. or Dorothy Lee as we lovingly know her- in not time.

When her friends saw her when we got back- they were all so excited to see her new look and kept telling her how nice it looked and how pretty she was. She was walking a little taller- her shoulders pushed back a little straighter and happiness was just overflowing from her aura.

Today was a good day!

Peace & Love,

Cheryl Doreen

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