Dorothy’s Dementia

Mom called last night- but,not until 8:45.  I wondered about her when she didn’t call at the usual time – 6:15- but, I did not call her.  I know she is okay and in a safe place- she might not be where she wants to be but, she’s where we need her to be.   When she did call she told me her phone was broken and that someone at the front desk had helped her fix it.   She did not sing her song, she didn’t really have anything to say. 

She did ask when I was coming to get her- and I told her Friday.  She told me that she was reading and walking and that she was okay. I was happy for her more than me.

My brother called me today- and told me that mom called told him and said that her phone was broken and that he needed to come and fix it.  He laughed and told me that he told her that it must not be broken because she was talking to him on it.  She responded, “well it’s not working very good, so when you can – please come and fix it for me”.   He also said that she did not sing her song about coming home- I told him that was great! And that I’d rather hear about her phone than hear her song.  He agreed. 

Peace & Love, 

Cheryl Doreen

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