Dorothy’s Dementia

Fridays with Dorothy are always fun.  She never remembers that I’m coming, and she is so excited to see me.  

We do the normal routine- laundry, ironing, talking- well, mostly her singing- and the junk store run. 

Besides ironing- I think the junk store runs are her favorite.  It’s a church ran store called Revive- in Woodstock right off of Interstate 575 on Hwy 92.  Most of the things are gone within a week – some linger longer  and some never get purchased. Every time we walk in it’s like the first-time mom has ever seen it.  (0:

I’m comfortable with this routine- it is what it is.    And I’m very thankful for Spring- as soon as the pollen lightens up- I will have her outside raking, sweeping, planting and just enjoying Mother Earth.

Peace & Love,

Cheryl Doreen

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