Dorothy’s Dementia

Easter Sunday at Dorothy’s Granddaughter was a good day.  The Georgia family on mom’s side has dwindled to a small group.  But there is a lot of love in that small group and lots of laughs and memories and a few “side looks” when mom “forgets”.  

We had just sat down to a delicious Easter Lunch- and the blessing was said.  Fifteen seconds later, mom said- “we can’t eat yet, we haven’t said the blessing”.  The side looks were exchanged- and I spoke up and told mom that it was ok she could go ahead and eat- that we had said the blessing earlier.   She had a few of these moments today- but it was ok- we have all accepted and adjusted- even the great grand boys.

Going with the flow is much easier than correcting- or trying to explain things to a demented person. Just let it go, just accept and love them.  It will be okay.  

Some days it’s easier than others.   

Today was a good day!

Peace & Love,

Cheryl Doreen

One thought on “Dorothy’s Dementia

  1. So glad you had a plesant Easter with family. I understand a great deal what you face each day with your mom. With my dad, I found it easier to just repeat something if it came up again due to his demintia. I must have told him he’d been in hospital recently 12 times over the last 8 days he was with us. Each time I acted like it was the first time the matter had been discussed. There’s no reason to make them uncomfortable nor feel bad. You’re very good with your mom. And regardless of the circumstance I know you know you’re very blessed to still have her with you. God bless.


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