Dorothy’s Dementia

It’s been a year since Paul and I put mom in her new place.   It’s been a long year.  So much of the same things are said or done over and over and over and over.   Some day’s – I don’t know how Dorothy does it.    Then I remember that she is fine and dandy all day long.  She is a light to the people around her and is caring and helpful to those in need.   It’s only after supper when the day is winding down- that her world comes crashing down.   I’m always there willing to answer the phone and just listen to her song.  I have learned that it doesn’t matter what I say to her- she will not remember.   We will go through the same thing tomorrow- with the same song.

Over the last few weeks I have been agreeing with her instead of reasoning with her.  When she sings her song and is done–or when I can get a word in- like I said before it’s like listening to a teenage girl who never takes a breath— I have been agreeing with her and telling her that it’s probably time for her to go home- and saying yes to everything else she is upset about.   It seems to work better – for her- and that’s what it’s all about- what’s better for her. 

Take the time- It’s gone in the wink of an eye.

Peace & Love,

Cheryl Doreen

One thought on “Dorothy’s Dementia

  1. It is interesting that you say this about agreeing with what your mom says. I’m catching up by the way, on your post I mean. My brother’s mother-in-law, now 93 years young is in mid stage alzhimers, most days she doesn’t know my sister-in-law, her own daughter. When they first discovered that this was to occur, in coinciling, my brother was told this very early. Their counselor said, “If she says she has a cat, pet the cat. It will make life easier for her and you.”


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