Dorothy’s Dementia

It’s Mother’s Day!  I went to get mom mid-morning – we went to the grocery store and got some goodies for lunch.   I let her pick the lunch menu- of course I gave her two choices- (0: to make it easier for her.

She chose both ham and turkey lunch meat- with tomatoes and Havarti cheese.  She opted for croissants instead of rye bread (which was a huge surprise to me) and blueberry pie with vanilla yogurt for a dessert.  

We went to Paul’s house and put the groceries away and went for a quick walk up and down the street.  She had no idea where she was-the rain was heading in and we headed back inside.  We found “old westerns” to watch on the TV- Chuck Connors (-: The Rifleman- and Wagon Train- Terry Wilson and Robert Horton (who was always easy on the eyes). It was good to just sit and be still.  

After the second episode it was time for lunch – I fixed a few sandwiches and we sat down at the table to eat.   While eating and making small talk- about Mother’s Day and how many she has had (65) I tried to reflect on Mother’s Days past- the ones when we were little with homemade cards and gifts, flowers. The years where the gifts were grander and more logical.  Memories – enjoy them!

This year I did nothing for my mom – materialistic anyway.  I got her out of the home, wished her Happy Mother’s Day -at least 20 times (she never remembered-it was “It’s Mother’s Day?” every time I told her), Hugged her at least 20 times, told her I loved her at least 20 times.   

She doesn’t remember. 

After several hours I took her back to her place and I drove home- it was sad -to be honest with you. I thought of my friends who have already lost their moms- in a way I have too. It sucks! 

All the “thank you’s” and gifts I have given her over the years- I know she was thankful and treasured everyone one of them. And I know she appreciates what I do for her now- on good days she tells me “Cheryl, I really appreciate you getting me out and letting me feel like a normal person”.  

 And while I know that I cannot thank my mom enough for everything she has done for me, everything she has taught me, everything, period- I know she knows how much I appreciate her.

Peace & Love,

Cheryl Doreen

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