Dorothy’s Dementia

Good Morning!

Vacation! What a wonderul thing to do. These last few days – I spent a day at the beach- an afternoon with the Angel lady- a day at the pool- three days with friends- attended a highschool graduation-laughed-loved-ate-and slept like a princess. Life is good!

While I was recharging, relaxing and reflecting- mom was still going through the circle of dementia. I would still take a call from her in the evenings and let her express her frustrations of her situation. It’s sad that she cannot take a few days off to unwind- her mind won’t let her.

I’m so thankful that I have the memories we shared of time spent at the beach- on a hiking trail -or at her cabin in the woods. I will cherish these- and tonight when she calls frustrated and confused I will bring up a memory of one of those moments – maybe, just maybe- I can pull her back out of the sink hole she is in- if only for a few moments.

Peace & Love,

Cheryl Doreen

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