Dorothy’s Dementia Chapter 2

It’s a cloudy day (Eric Clapton lyrics from “Every Little Thing “from his “Old Sock” album) – on the ride to the hospital- but when I arrive at mom’s room she is up and eating breakfast. Happy News!   She is pretty much back to normal- as normal is- for her-and it’s good to see.   She has no idea where, what, when or why- but that’s ok.

 After breakfast it seemed like the perfect time to give her a “sit down” shower- so I took the liberty to make that happen (yes, I asked permission) Both of my kids have had extended stay in the hospital – so I have experience with giving showers and being careful to not get the open wounds wet.  

If you have the opportunity to give a shower or sponge bath to your loved one (and you can) do it. It will help relax you and them.  We all know this first hand, even lying in bed for a few days with the flu -or whatever, you feel so much better when you can stand under the warm, glorious water flowing over you.  It’s so refreshing and awakening- not to mention the feeling of pure happiness!   You can actually see the heaviness, stress, sorrow and sickness go down the drain.

Dorothy smells better, she is much calmer and more relaxed and should do much better today with PT and OT- now that she is a “new woman”.  

If you go with the flow it is easier on you- if you fight the current- you will never enjoy the drift. And the drift is so much more relaxing then the fight.

Peace & Love,

Cheryl Doreen

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