Dorothy is tired of being cooped up- aren’t we all?  It’s been a long, soggy, dreary winter.   Spring is showing glimpses of color and the promise of brighter, warmer days- just around the corner. The time change just happened so mom will be surrounded by daylight after dinner, which I hope- will help her in so many ways.   

Mom and I did our usual Friday thing, the junky store, and this week we at lunch out at Folks.  She wanted hamburger and fries, so that’s what she got.   It was such a beautiful day that we drove up the highway northbound to see what we could see. If you look hard enough you can see the buds on the trees.  The daffadills are easy to spot as are the Red Buds and the other early spring plants and trees. She kept commenting on how good and warm the sun felt to her- being cooped up all the time limits your sense of life- and I’m glad she can still enjoy the sunshine.

Mom wanted to know the usual things- what I’m doing, when am I going to take her to show her my  new house, did I get a new car, where has Paul been- he hasn’t been to see me once since he put me in here, when can I go home??????   Questions, they are the same every time, and the answers are the same every time, sometimes with a little more attitude than others -LOL , but the answers are the same.  I never make her feel “stupid”, I always answer like it’s the first time she’s asking, because to her- it is. 

It’s okay, and I am looking forward to Spring, so I can get her outside and get her opinion on the flower garden I want to enlarge.  And hear her tell me again how wonderful the sunshine fills. 

Love and Light,

Cheryl Doreen

One thought on “Sunshine

  1. We went out every day this week. I think Diane is trying to make sure I don’t become a hermit. Your posts always make me think 💭. I need that


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