Last day out

It’s been two weeks today- since I’ve seen Dorothy.  March the 12th I woke up and my Angels suggested to me that I stay at home and go see mom- so that’s what I did.   

The Coronavirus had just started taking a pretty good hold on the USA and as a country we were putting in motion a pandemic shield.   I went to get mom and they would not let me in until they had taken my temperature. I was fine, so they let me in.   I went to Dorothy’s room and we headed out, we stopped at the front desk and I had them take her temperature, I wanted to make sure she would be allowed back in- I love her, but- I cannot care for her 24/7.  She was fine so we headed out the door.

We drove 75 North to Barnsley Gardens- it’s a beautiful golf resort now -and they have done an amazing job of keeping up the gardens, the house and the museum that Godfrey Barnsley built back in the 1840’s. It is located in Adairsville and it’s a nicely preserved piece of Southern History, if you get the opportunity-check it out.

It was a beautiful day- no rain and a little overcast- a short sleeve and jeans kind of day.   When we pulled into the resort- the gatekeeper was happy to see us.  It seems that there had already been cancelations from major companies and we pretty much had the place to ourselves.   We told him where we were headed- the gardens-  he gave us directions to pull up right to the house, gardens and museum.  No parking signs were everywhere, but- we parked exactly where the gatekeeper told us too.   It was the perfect spot- easy for Dorothy to get around.  We were there for a while enjoying the fountain and the English Garden when the head gardener walked up.  He asked us how we were doing and how we got the car up here.  I explained to him that the gatekeeper told us it was ok to park there-and after seeing how “old” we were it smiled and turned his full attention to mom.

Mark was so kind to her and actually held an entire conversation with her about flowers.  It felt good to just step back and enjoy the interaction they were having. After about 15 minutes, he told us to be sure to go into the house and museum, which we did.   We took our time and mom was really engaged at looking at and reading about everything that was on display.   Thirty minutes later we walked back outside and down the steps to the car.  Mark was there and he and mom spoke for several more minutes.  Mark asked if he could take our picture- so I gave him the camera- when he handed it back to me, he said- “I’ve been where you are, it will be okay”.  (-:

Mom and I had a great day!  If this is the last day, I get to see her, I will be happy with that.  She asked me where we were even before we were out of the garden area.  I didn’t care- I told her where we were and what we did.   It was a long ride back to the home and she was very content most of the trip.  Every once in a while, she would start singing her song and I let her sing as long as she wanted.  I agreed with her and just let her do her thing.  It was a good day.

When we arrived back at the home, they took her temperature before she was allowed in- thankfully, she passed the test.   The next day I went to go see her and they were on lockdown- no one in and no one out, only the staff.   My Angels were right, I’m glad I listened. 

Not sure how long this shutdown will last, the good thing is mom doesn’t know the difference- so, she will be just fine.

Love and Light!

Cheryl Doreen

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