Dorothy does have a new verse and its all about Granny and Delores.   Sometimes it’s about them brining her home from the hospital with a “cracked” leg.  Sometimes she calls totally upset because someone has told her that Granny died – but they have not told her when or where the funeral is.  Sometimes it’s a random rambling.

It depends on how she is “mentally” on how I answer this question.   If she’s not crying, I tell her that Granny died in ‘68 and Delores died in ‘97.  If she is crying and totally upset, I tell her that I will call someone and find out what is going on.   

Today’s call was a rambling.

I answer the phone and she doesn’t even say hello- she starts with :

“Deloris called and she said that granny is sick, and that I need to go see her.   She was supposed to come and get me- but she has not yet.  I don’t know what to do —I’m confused as to where I am today.   Just forget it – she’s probably dead by now ….why didn’t Delores come and get me?   Delores is rather dramatic when something is going on.  Actually, I don’t’ know if there are still in I don’t’ know.   She hasn’t called me back and I’m thinking if granny died why didn’t someone call me.   There’s Aunt Grace, Uncle Kelly and all of them and I just don’t know – maybe I just need to ignore it.  Maybe next Saturday you can drive me up there and see what is going on. I don’t have enough to do –   that’s why my memory isn’t’ good.  If she’s alive we can go see her if she’s dead we can go to the cemetery and see her.

I would think someone would have called me back and let me know she died.  I don’t know   why Delores didn’t call me.

I’m not gonna worry about it unless someone calls me again. I just don’t know.

When was the last time I went to the doctor?   I don’t remember seeing anyone.  I wonder if I need something for anxiety.   I don’t remember if they give it to me or not. (yes mom, they give you something twice a day).  I will start writing it down.  I know last week a girl came and gave me a pill, but I don’t remember her coming every night– I don’t’ think they are.  I don’t think I’m getting stuff on a regular basis.  I’m at a different place. Did you know that? I’m in Germantown.  you know the one- the nice place that had the fireplace, the carpet and the nice green couches.   I need to see where I will go next- I get moved every other day.  I wish Delores would have just stayed out of it and let you handle it.  I know you probably didn’t want to deal with her, and I can understand that.  I’m just a nervous wreck I can’t think straight.  I can’t …… she starts to cry.  just come and see me when you have some time.   

Click- she hangs up.

She said all of this with only a few breaks for a breath.  I was at my computer writing in this blog.  So, I typed what she said- word for word.

I didn’t have to talk, or respond, she totally controlled the conversation (with the exception of letting her know they do give her medication).  And that’s ok- I’m glad I answered the phone so she could work through it.   

Prayers and Love,

Cheryl Doreen

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