Christmas in July?

Christmas for Dorothy’s family was very different this year- as it was for most everyone else.   We were all separated due to Covid 19 and other obstacles.   The one thing we all had was memories of Christmas’s gone by.  My daughter and son in law were up unit 4:00 AM- I recall those days and it brings a big smile to my face- even at the time all I wanted was sleep.  (-:  

  Months, weeks, days of planning, hiding, whispering, wrapping, building- usually in the final hours- were all worth it- to see the  15 minutes of JOY, EXCITEMENT, and PLEASURE on those who received your gifts.  

I wonder what mom’s memories were- I hope they were happy ones-if she recalled any at all.   I do know that Dorothy is in a good place these days, with people who care and are concerned about her.  I’m sure she had a wonderful day with her new friends, and I’m sure there were gifts to open from the local church.   We will wait and have Christmas in July- (hopefully).  When we can bring her to her family to celebrate, I envision a bright sunny day, sitting in the shade- with snowmen all around.  A soft breeze and Iced Tea and Lemonade along with Santa Sugar Cookies- turkey burgers on the grill with a delicious summer salad.   I will find a tree outside to decorate and string Christmas lights on the deck.  My vision is clear.     

Yes, I am looking forward to July when this pandemic that is keeping us separated has passed and we will reunite again as a family.    

Family Table – Zac Brown Band

Love and Light,

Cheryl Doreen

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