the story continues

The story continues:

   I drive up to the ER and park the car- I wait in line to let them know I am here for Dorothy.  The place is packed- they are trying to do the 6’ safety, but it is difficult.  I see mom moving towards me- I just told the girl that I was here to get her- mom is all by herself, she looks dazed and confused, she is walking tentatively, but she smiles and waves when she sees me.  I tell the girl that Dorothy is walking towards us, I wait until she gets to me, I take off my coat and put it on her.   We walk to towards the car, she has no idea where she is, she says to me “thanks for coming to get me out of this place for a while Cheryl, it’s so boring in here”.  Sigh!    I ask her how her stomach is doing- she says she feels fine. Of course, she does!, they gave her a shot for nausea- she doesn’t remember being sick just a few hours ago.   I ask her if she knows where she is and she says no- I tell her she is just leaving the ER because she was sick this morning with an upset stomach.  She says, I don’t remember that I don’t remember being in the hospital, why can’t I remember that?   Sigh!

We pull out of the hospital parking lot and head towards the back roads back to her “home”- as we head down a road- I see a pump truck- I pull into the next driveway and call Paul to see if it is him.  Yes, it is!  Talk about a God Wink!  Thank You!   We turned around and were able to visit with Paul for a while.  As I sat in the driver’s seat listening to Paul and mom talk, it brought tears to my eyes-but, only for a moment- it sucks!   The entire situation sucks!  Sigh!   Thankful to see Paul and thankful that he got to see mom.

The next stop is a gas station for a Sprite- mom was so thirsty.   I asked her what she wanted for lunch- without hesitation she said a big, juicy hamburger.   I asked her if she was sure and I ask her how her stomach is.  She said yes, I want a burger and informed me there was nothing wrong with her stomach.   I told her what had taken place that morning and if she thought it was a good idea that she had a burger.  Why yes Cheryl, there is nothing wrong with me.   So, I figured a plain hamburger from Burger King would not do too much damage.  So, that is what she had.   

We took the long, country, scenic route back to her facility.  She was ready to be back- she thought she was in Germantown on the ride and was surprised at how much it had changed.  

We got out of the car- rang the bell- we said goodbye-and they let her back in.  

Just like that.   

I sat in the car for a few minutes and wondered —- I cried—- and I thanked God.    Nothing left to do- so, I drove home.

Love and Light!

Cheryl Doreen

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