Happy Birthday !

Happy Birthday Dorothy!

  Last year at this time, Paul, Jessica & family and I took mom to and Italian Restaurant for lunch- It was a great day!  The manager on duty was so kind to her and made her feel so special. Afterwards we went to the pet store and where Cade & Cannon picked out some Beta fish- Mom totally enjoyed looking at all the animals in the store.  

This year it will be very different -she gets a Unicorn Birthday Party -with her friends in Memory Care.  The family will not be in attendance   )-:   as we are still not allowed to go in and visitation is still limited for certain days and certain hours. So, I did what I could, I called the director and asked her if it I purchased the party- if they would throw it.  She seemed to be excited about the idea and said they would celebrate at lunch.       

  This morning I took over a big bouquet of flowers, plenty of cupcakes, unicorn plates and napkins (which Cade & Cannon picked out) along with some children birthday noisemaker horns- I hope they let them blow them (-:

I also took over some cards- for her to open.  Hopefully she will have a very special, Happy Birthday.   I have an appointment to see her tomorrow so, I ‘ll continue the party with a present or two. (-:    

I just called to double check on my appointment to make sure they were not on lock down- and I’m still cleared to go. I was told during this phone call that they would not give mom the flowers- I brought-  they are not allowed to have any flowers in memory care- unless they are edible flowers- Oh my gosh!   I asked why?  And was told that the residents (or at least one resident somewhere) think they are candy and they eat them- so, they are not allowed.   So sad!   

So, I will pick them up tomorrow when I’m there to visit mom- and I will enjoy them myself for a few days. (-0:

Happy 84th Birthday mom, I’ll see you tomorrow.

Love & Light,

Cheryl Doreen

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