For now, all is good…

It took another half day on the phone to get Dorothy’s pain relief situation under control.  Finally, last Tuesday, the issue was resolved. The doctors blame the pharmacy, the pharmacy blames the doctors, and the nurses’ hands are tied.  And nothing moves forward or gets done- unless you keep on top of it and follow it through.

In these types of situations, I have never cared what happened or who is at fault. My goal: either work or personal- is to get the situation fixed as soon as possible and then figure out what went wrong, figure out a solution and create a new process and procedure to keep this from happening again.  It’s not rocket science (Or maybe it is , I know nothing about rocket science.) I lean more towards common sense.

Anyway, Dorothy is feeling a little better- not totally pain free., but she does not look so distressed. I spent a few hours with her on Sunday.  She’s tired, she’s in some pain and she’s confused and sad.   But we always find something to laugh about. And it’s in these moments she is herself.  Laughing at her expense or something that Paul or I said.  For now, all is good. (-:

I am looking forward to Spring, it will bring the opportunity to have the windows open longer in her room, (fresh air is like a long hot shower- makes you feel good!) it should also bring relief to mom’s bursitis.  It will also show me a better understanding on how she will rise above this pain and how much this affects her dementia decline. 

My Girlfriend “B” lost her mom a few weeks ago- a long battle with Dementia- the last three spent in a nursing home- mostly bedridden and not knowing anyone or anything.  Ms. Betty was able to stay in her own home and was cared for by her husband and daughter for as long as possible.  Eventually, they had to let her go to the facility- sometimes Dementia gets to the point where the “professionals” need to take over, both for the demented one’s care and for the family’s well-being.

It was a rough three years.  In the end “B” was able to be with and connect one last time with her mom.  Ms. Betty remembered her daughter- which brought joy and a sense of peace and a renewed connection to them both.  Ms. Betty was also able to do the same with her husband and son. ❤

 Experiencing watching a loved one go through a long illness; one you can see they suffer in: with either pain or not knowing where or who they are: we come to understand that the end is a Blessing.  Especially when we believe in the power and the promise of God. Ms. Betty was able to go out of this world knowing the ones she loved were with her until the very end. I can only imagine the comfort that calmed all of their souls.

“How Great Thou Art” Carrie Underwoods Version- my favorite line “ Then Sings my Soul” if you think about it this line speaks volumes.

 I am hoping that all of us get the same gift of contentment with our loved ones before we pass on.

 I believe that our souls are what matter, they guide us, they support us, they light our way- every. single. day.   I also believe they give us one last moment before we fly away.

Love and Light,

Cheryl Doreen

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