What’s the matter with my skin?

Dorothy was a happy camper when I went to see her this week.  She was in her room with the door locked.  I knocked and she answered, “who is it”.   I replied- “your favorite daughter”. LOL I’m the only daughter, so it makes it easy to be the favorite. She opened the door with a huge smile on her face and we had a great hug.

It as a beautiful day so I opened her windows to let in some fresh air.   And started my hunt of finding things.   She was very talkative and happy.  She helped strip the bed and was too tired to help with putting on new sheets.  Before looking through her chest of drawers, I asked her to pick out some clean clothes for her to put on after a shower.   This task keeps her occupied.       In one drawer of her chest I found several pairs shoes and slippers.   I asked her about it, and she responded, “there was no place else to put them.”  So, I asked her to see if there was any room in the closet.  She found some room and she moved the shoes.  I wondered how long it will take her to move them back after I’m gone. (-:

When my grandsons were little and looking for their shoes, I would play them the awesome BB King video about his song “One Shoe Blues” he sings and stars in it.   Check it out it’s worth 2 minutes of your day.  (-:  

I also found the remaining photos of her granny & pappy and her sister and her with her daddy.  I decided to take them home with me.  Often, they are wrapped up in a towel and placed in the drawer.  Maybe this was a good thing, maybe not.  We will see. I can always bring them back if need be.

After the shower she looked like a new woman, all sparkly and clean.  (-:     She was worn out and needed a rest.  She laid down on the bed and after a few minutes she raised up her arms in front of her.  She asked “Cheryl, what happened to my arms?  Just look at them.”  I responded with “what’s the matter with them.”  She replied, “don’t you see how crinkled they are?”   I chuckled out loud and responded well, you’ve had that skin for a long time- how many years do you think you’ve had those arms?  She replied with “well, two or three years at the most.”  Then laughed and said, “I always forget how old I am, let’s see, I think I’m 94.”  I asked her how she expected her arms to look after 94 years.  Her response was “well, I took really good care of it.” As she was still examining her skin, then said, “well I guess my skin didn’t like the way I took care of it”

I assured her she looked good for 94- she gave me a huge smile and said, okay “who’s going to put my socks and shoes on? Am I going to have to do that too?”   I laughed out loud as did she. The skin issues moved on.

Peace & Love,

Cheryl Doreen

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