Hello Mom-

Grief- it’s as individual as we are. For me, it comes and goes, for me it sneaks up on me when I don’t see it coming-for me it’s tears and laughter, for me it’s memories and the realization that the last memory is the final one. For me, it’s lonely- sometimes.

A good friend of mine- Brenda, told me about a lady that wrote her mother a Mother’s Day Letter- I thought what a great idea. I cannot talk to my mom, but I can write her a letter. So here is the first letter I’m writing to her. Hopefully- she will be able to hear it through my thoughts, love and soul.

Hello Mom,

I hope this note finds you well. I’m doing the best I can here without you- I miss you. It’s hard sometimes and other times- it’s not so hard. Sometimes I can feel sprit close by and sometimes I get sad and just cry. But – it’s okay to cry. I laugh too and remember a moment in time or I think “what mom would do or what would mom say” in a situation.

Spring was beautiful this year. Your Daisy’s, Iris’s and were beautiful! Paul and I worked in the yard the other day and transplanted some of the Hosta’s you planted years ago. Just so you know the 9 degree weather we had at Christmas almost killed your Hydrangea- but, it did not- it is almost like a rebirth- it will take a few years to get as big and brilliant as it was- i’m not sure it will bloom this year- but it will survive. The birds are still singing and enjoying the sanctuary you started for them. I must say I am enjoying them as well. The yellow finches are in abundance this year. The mean old crows are stopping in every once in a while but, I think they are just passing through- I hope so.

Yes, I’m still working- I remember you telling me that you wish you would have kept a part-time job- to keep your mind working and your hands busy. I am taking your advice and I plan on working at least part-time for a long time. Another wise suggestion from a wise woman.

Jessica and the boys are doing great. The boys are growing and getting smarter everyday. Cade is taller that you now and Cannon is close behind. School will be out for the summer soon and they are looking forward to a fun summer. Yes, Jessica is still working hard and living life to the fullest everyday.

They Owl that came for you has not been back. I am wondering if he will show up to let me know you are okay. But he really doesn’t need to- I know you are just fine.

I do miss you- even though you had a rough last decade here on this earth- with your memory-. We had a great life together and I know that you are always with me.

I’m gonna close for now- tell Dad, Ed, Granny, Pappy, Gran and everyone I said hello and I’ll see them when it’s my turn to come home. I’ll write soon.

Peace, Love and Light,

Cheryl Doreen

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