Dorothy’s Dementia


I never thought I’d be blogging –  let alone one about my mom and the journey she is experiencing with Dementia. But, here I go, I’m hoping to help myself through these challenging times and give some support to those of you who are experiencing the same journey with a loved one.

The first time I can recall that I noticed she was beginning her journey was a day we went shopping and I bought her a few new clothes. Looking back, it was a fun day and she seemed a little “off” but I didn’t think anything of it. We unloaded the car and when I opened up the bags and asked her if she wanted me to cut the tags off  she was like – “Why? These are not mine they are yours”!  

I argued with her that they were hers and that she had picked them out.   She was so ticked off at me and thought that I was lying to her. I couldn’t believe it.  A good day had just turned into a confusing day.  I ended up taking the clothes back for a refund.  Then the family noticed that this was happening more often – along with several other things – we realized the reality- the damaging disease had taken hold of her- and it wasn’t letting go.

The blessing for me and my family was she had spend 20 + years as a  RN in the Assisted Living world and she specialized in Memory Care.  After the above incident, it wasn’t long until she realized that she might have the “destructive D” (as she called Dementia) and she started to educate us as to what was going to happen by stage and how to respond. I thank the Angels every day-for her intuition and the ability to communicate with us what her journey was going to be like.

The lesson today and every day will be the same – we need to treat our sick and aging parents- like we treat our grandchildren or better yet- our pets. (-:

I’ll be back tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Dorothy’s Dementia

  1. My brother -in-law, Paul Brads, let me know about your blog. My mother also has dementia and I am sure that your blog will be helpful to me. My mom is 93 years old and has been in Assisted Living for nearly 4 years. Every story of dementia is unique and similar, at the same time. I don’t know if you are still in the Germantown area.My nieces, Emily Burns Berry and Anna Burns Studer, live there. Their dad, my brother, Dan Burns, lived there for years. He is a total partner in seeing Mom through her journey.It is quite something that your mom was a medical professional working with dementia patients.God bless you. .I will be a loyal reader.


    1. Hello Diane,
      Paul is the best! He’s a few years older than me- and his lovely bride was a year younger than me. I’ve been gone from G’town since 1980- but I go back several times a year- good for the soul! I see the same friends and family- and I’m always 18- whenever I go back- my friends and I just don’t age. LOLOL It’s a crazy ride this journey with dementia- but, we will survive. Thanks for reading. (-:


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