Dorothy’s Dementia

Hello and Happy Day!

Today was a rough day- Mom (Dorothy) started calling me at noon- 12:15 to be exact. Which is unusual- usually she only calls me at 6:15- after dinner when the sun is going down- she also has Sun Downers- which is very tough on her.  When she does call me this early in the day, I take a deep breath and I remain calm – I know what’s coming.

She is always confused, frustrated and angry.   I always answer in a positive, upbeat, cheerful voice-   “ What’s up mom?, Is everything ok? she always answers back- “No, Cheryl “- in a bitter and sad tone- (the voice is an amazing gift –  it can tell a story just by the tone-don’t ever take it for granted)”  – everything is not alright”- “I need your help in getting me back to my house”.   I always respond with  “Why mom, what happened”?  and the record begins.  And tomorrow it will be the same song- but hopefully she will not call until 6:15- which would be good news- it would mean she has had a good day.

I can remember my first 45 RPM, The Rolling Stones- side 1-Get off of my Cloud and side 2- I’m Free.  I can remember listening to it over and over and over again, from the small portable record player.  I’d listen for hours until I had each word embedded into my memory bank -then play it again and again and again -singing along like I was part of the band.

Someday I hope to look back- and smile at the memory of this time we are sharing- Dorothy’s song- I hope to be able to laugh and not cry.  I’m glad I’m here for her – she needs someone who will just listen and let her know she is not alone. Isn’t that what we are all looking for? Someone to listen.


Peace & Love,

Cheryl Doreen


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