Dorothy’s Dementia




The grooves on the record are deep and you know exactly what you are going to hear when you place the needle down. If you don’t handle the records with care- they get scratches on them. This scuff will change the entire enjoyment of the record. The song is the same- it just gets stuck at the nick in the groove. It will play over and over and over again. Driving you crazy unitl you apply a little pressure on that part of the groove-so the song can continue on.

This is how Dorothy and her dementia are – her groove is just nicked- she gets stuck – she can’t go forward or backwards. It’s like she’s suspended right where she is- hanging on the same words and thoughts. She says the same thing over and over and over again. She’s trapped in the groove- and she needs someone who will apply a little pressure to get her back on track. This is where I come in- she needs someone’s help – to ask a question- get her mind on another memory. I’m happy to do it for her.

Even though I go thorough it with her everyday-I can’t imagine what she is experiencing – not remembering,feeling confused,scared and alone – it has to be very frightening.

On the occasion that I am successful and I can flip her record to the unscratched side and able to steer the conversation back to her early childhood she calms down and relaxes (you can hear it in her voice). She’s not angry or agitated anymore- she’s herself. She will talk and talk about her youth. Which makes me calm as well- to know she can go to a place in her mind and find peace and calm.

Peace & Love,
Cheryl Doreen

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