Dorothy’s Dementia

Friday my grand puppy (3 months old) Charlie, came with me to spend the day with Dorothy.  She was so surprised when I came in with Charlie on the leash.  Mom, is not an animal person- at all.   But, she took his leash and walked him down the hall to her place- talking to him in a sweet soft voice the entire way.  We did the gathering of laundry and headed out the front door. Mom had to stop several times to let the residents check Charlie out- they were thrilled to meet him- and he was enjoying the attention.

I would get Charlie all settled with his leash and would turn him over to Dorothy to be in “charge of” him.  She did great -and he loved being able to go wherever he wanted and drag mom all over the place.   We put him in his “home” and went to lunch and did our normal Friday Fun stuff.  When we got back- I got Charlie ready and sent him off with mom- while I finished the laundry. It was interesting to see her demeanor soften.

Mom did not say anything about wanting to get back to her house when Charlie was around, but- must have said to be Twenty-five times “Cheryl, what are you doing with a dog?  You don’t need a dog?  Why did you get one?   Twenty-five times I told her that Charlie was her grandsons dog and I was just watching him while they were out of town.

She doesn’t remember hanging out with Charlie.  But, that’s ok- I’ve got the memory and the photo.

Peace & Love,

Cheryl Doreen

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