Dorothy’s Dementia

Friday I picked up Dorothy for our weekly outing. Mom was so excited to see me- just like when my grandsons see me- (-:  they approached me with huge smiles and wide  open arms. (0-:  Mom did the same thing this day. (-:    It’s a fantastic feeling – to be able to experience love in this way- it just fills your heart and soul. 

We did the usually things – laundry, checking out “her” house and the transformations that are being made.

The master bath is 95 % complete and although she’s seen the progress  every week since the beginning of January, she doesn’t remember.  One thing she does remember is the color of the walls- every time she sees them for the “first’ time she does not like them- she never fails to tell me that.  (-:

She told me that it’s not fun getting old and she doesn’t like it.   

She told me again that she is thankful that I come and get her out.

She asked me again- why she is not allowed to go back to her house.

It’s a continuous song.

It’s moms song.

Peace & Love,

Cheryl Doreen

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