Dorothy’s Dementia

It’s Monday March 4,2019 I did not get a call from mom today or this evening.   I found myself both excited and worried. 

 Excited because maybe she was having a good day and she has nothing to complain about- or maybe she  finally accepted the fact that she was in the best place she could be for this time in her life.  

Worried because maybe she had fallen and she couldn’t get up- or she lost her phone- or she was sick in bed- or she didn’t remember that she always call me- or she’s getting worse, moving onto the next stage.

I did not call her to find out- I just enjoyed the quiet and stillness of the evening.

  I did call her the next morning around 10:00 and she did not answer.  I called back and still no answer.   I then called the front desk and ask them to have her call me.  She never did- so around 12:15 I called and she answered- she was at the lunch table with her friends.  She sounded fine- she read the menu of the day to me and told me what she was going to have.  She asked me what day it was and if I was still coming on Friday.   She was fine.  It’s just the journey.  Sigh!

Peace & Love,

Cheryl Doreen

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