Dorothy’s Dementia

It’s Saturday and Dorothy has called me six times today.   Not much goes on at the Assisted Living on the weekends.   During the week mom sets up front during the day so she can be in the hustle and bustle of the activities. She usually has a book with her.

Her question straight out of her mouth is- “is anyone going to come and get me today and take her out of this place”.  I tell her that I’m out of town and Paul is working. So no- noone will be there today. She seems okay with that and tells me to have a good time. Then says good bye.

Just a few minutes later- she calls again and tells me that Paul can’t be working today it’s Sunday- and he doesn’t work on Sundays.  I tell her it’s Saturday and that he will probably be there tomorrow to get her out for a little bit.

I can’t convince her that it is Saturday – so I change my answer – I tell her that he must be busy and I’ll call and see what he is doing.   She is ok with this answer- and tell me bye.

Another 30 minutes- same questions.

Again and again.


She is fine, she is in a good place-  she is interactive with the people and workers there.  She has friends, she is social. Mom will be ok.

I’ll be ok too.

Peace & Love,

Cheryl Doreen

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