Dorothy’s Dementia

Saturday the 13thof March 1954 -Dorothy Lee Branham and Richard Albert Boyer were married. They spoke their vows in the Lutheran Church in Franklin, Ohio.  Dads buddy, Jack Eldridge (whose daughter Bridgett is one of my lifelong friends) and Delores Branham, my mom’s sister stood up with them.  I have some photos of them on that day and their smiles make me smile.  Dad’s in a gray suite – with a very cool wide tie, and mom is in a simple white dress.  

When mom called tonight I answered the phone with “Happy Anniversary” she was like – What? and I explained that it was March 13thand that she and dad would have been married for 65 years. 

 I got her focused on her wedding day for a while – I asked her where dad proposed to her. She said the Germantown Dam and he simply asked me if I wanted to get married- it wasn’t any more romantic than that.  She said that mostly dad’s family was there- his aunts and uncles, her side of the family included Granny ,Aunt Grace and her two children. They both also had their friends from school there-  about 30 people in all. It was a small, simple wedding and she said that it was very nice. She stated that -We fooled everybody- they said it wouldn’t last- that I was too young but- it did – we had a good life, he just died too young (back in 1981- he was 49).  I miss him still every day.

I’ll be here until I’m 100- 

I need your help getting me out of here…………

It was good to hear her talk about something different – even if only for a few minutes.

Peace & Love,

Cheryl Doreen

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