Dorothy’s Dementia

Dorothy’s friend Chuck was taken to the hospital again the other day.  Bill- Chuck’s friend did get in touch with me the last time he was in the hospital (two weeks ago)  So, I reached out to Bill this time to see what the situation was and if Chuck was able to have visitors. Happy News!  Chuck was able to have visitors, so- I took mom to the hospital on Saturday.  When we walked in- his face lit up like a bright sun. He was dressed and sitting up in the chair still nibbling on lunch.  Mom walked over to him and gave him a big hug and rubbed his back and asked him how he was. Then she pulled up a chair to face him and they talked and talked and talked.  They talked about the “home” and Chuck told stores of his past.  Mom mostly listened.  I sat  over by the window- enjoying the spectacular view of the North Georgia Mountains and listening. Enjoying the stories they were telling.   (-: Note to self, If I have to be in the hospital- I would will go to that Hospital- so I and anyone who comes to visit me,  can enjoy that view.  

After about 15 minutes his doctor walked in and started asking him questions- the ones with easy answers- the ones that you and I take for granted.   How did you get here Chuck?  Do you know what happened?  Do you have oxygen at your apartment?  How much medication are you on?  Do you have any family? Was anyone else been here to see you?  The doctor has seen Chuck before and I’m pretty sure he’s used to these types of patients.  Dr. Allen was outstanding!     Chuck answered some of the questions and some he did not.  As I was taking this all and with the doctor sitting beside me, I wondered how much of what Chuck was saying was true? It really didn’t matter- the Doctor just sat smiling beside me and kept the conversation going. After a few minutes, Chucks friend Bill came and was able to assist with some of the information the doctor was looking for.  

Bill  and I visited and he told me that he and Chuck had been friends for over 30 years and that they “take care of each other”.  Which I was very happy to hear. “We all need someone to lean on”- (Bill Withers- Lean on me).

I was happy to take mom to see her friend- and I’m glad she has a friend. It was wonderful to see them smile.

I just wish she could remember the day.  

Peace & Love,

Cheryl Doreen

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