Dorothy’s Dementia

If you are new to this site, feel free to go back as far as the site will take you. It’s full of my rambling and experience with mom and her journey with dementia.

It’s sucks! It’s hard! I totally understand that there are people out there that cannont deal with their loved ones -who are experiencing this sickness. The mind is a terrible thing to sit back and watch waste away.

My suggestions to you on how to deal with your loved one are:

Don’t take it personal – they hallucinate, the make things up and they exaggerate on all levels. Relax- let them talk- they will talk themselves out sooner or later. Ask them things about their childhood or early teenage life. These are usually happy memories. Find a happy place you can go to mentally- the beach, the woods, the top of a hill on a starlit night. Anything that will keep you calm and accepting. Take time for yourself- don’t give them all of you-only some of you- don’t let their words make you feel guilty- they are not who they once were. Only do what you can do. The will be okay. They don’t remember. Remember they are sick. Breathe!

Peace & Love, Cheryl Doreen

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