Dorothy’s Dementia

Some days mom surprises me- she called me several times today starting just past noon.  I answered and asked if everything was ok- yes! Was her happy response-did you come see me today and I miss you?  Did you bring me these flowers?    She was so happy to have a little gift that it brightened my day too- just to hear the delight in her voice.  

I told her that I was at work and that I did not bring the flowers-  maybe one of her friends brought them to her- she replied no” they don’t think like that”.  LOL,   she apologized for calling me at work and hung up.  She called several more times during the afternoon asking the same question. 

  I wonder how many times throughout the day she thought of this surprise? If everytime she looked at them, she was looking at them for the first time. If she was there when they gave them to her and she just doesn’t remember- it doesn’t matter. The gesture worked- she was a happy little girl.

At 6:15 she called again- with the happiness still in her voice – asking about the flowers.  She did not sing her song tonight- she was focused on the orange and yellow flowers that someone was thoughtful enough to surprise her with.   It really is the little things in life that make a huge impact.   Buy the flowers!

Life is good!

Peace & Love,

Cheryl Doreen

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