Dorothy’s Dementia

I answer the phone- Dorothy is on the other line.  Mom says, “Hey Cheryl, I need your help”  and I prepare to listen to her song.  There’s a knock at her door- when she opens it- her voice changes to happiness.  Jan, her friend of over 30 years is standing on the other side.  Mom hands Jan the phone and we speak for a moment, I know mom is excited to visit (just like a little kid would be excited to see their friend) I don’t keep Jan long. Jan usually visits on Sunday afternoons- so, I know that this is a treat for Dorothy.  We hang up and a feeling of relaxation embraces me, and it feel good-  I know that for the next few hours mom will be just fine.

 Mom and Jan worked together at an assisted living for a long time. Mom has always spoken very highly of Jan and thinks the world of her.  I am so thankful, and mom is very blessed to have Jan take time out of her busy life to visit her.   

After a few hours Jan called me on her way home and we chatted.  She asked if it would be okay if she took mom out and about occasionally-absolutely was my response!   Feel free to take her where ever you’d like.

There are Angels here on earth — and Jan is one of them.

Find the time to visit, call or send some flowers to a “shut-in”, weather they are at home the hospital, or the “old folks home”.  It will lift their spirits and you will feel good knowing that you made someone smile.  (-:

Peace & Love,

Cheryl Doreen

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