Dorothy’s Dementia

Friday was a good day! I took Dorothy shopping for a few new outfits- It’s Spring!  It’s time for some color.  It’s funny watching her select her clothes and make her choices.  I can’t figure out what she is focusing on- the color, style or the fabric.  When I ask her if she likes something – her usually answer is “ I just don’t know- I don’t think I like this.”    (-:  They just don’t make things like they used to.  (-:  We walked out with three new tops and two pair of Capri’s.   I love the happiness that this small purchase brought to her.  

The funny (sad)  thing is when mom does laundry this next week she will not remember she picked these clothes out.  She will iron them, and we will take them back to her place and hang them with the others.  I will have to “weed” some of the worn out – seen better days- items out – in order for her to include these in her rotation.  

If you have someone out there that can’t get out-or wears the same worn out thing over and over again. Go to their closet, clean it out, I’m sure they have “better”- “save for good” clothes to wear-  remind them that this is the “better time” and it’s doesn’t get any better than this- so wear the clothes.  Or take them out for a shopping day.  They may be defiant in the moment-  but- you are in charge- they will be happy to get something new- and you will be happy to see them in something new.  It’s a win, win for everyone!

Remember old folks are like little kids- they need guidance, they need a “person”.

Peace & Love,

Cheryl Doreen

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