Dorothy’s Dementia

Dorothy’s Friday with me was on Wednesday this week.  I was out of town last week and I’ll be busy with grandboys this weekend.  

She knew I was coming-but forgot- when I arrived mom was sweeping her room with the roller sweeper- she had the bathroom cleaned and told me she was almost done with her chores. I watched her finish up and was happy that she is still able to keep up her place.   We gathered her clothes – stripped her bed and headed out.  She was so happy to be getting out- even if she did not know what day it was.   

Before heading to my brothers to start the laundry we made a stop at Sam’s Club and got a few things- along with Chocolate Chip Cookies (they really are the best!).

Paul, her youngest son’s birthday is this week and I thought we’d celebrate- and these cookies are his favorite. (Cookie Monster!) He was off work for the day- starting his annual vacation- so it was the perfect day to celebrate.

As I said before, mom loves to iron- and there was plenty for her to do- so she got busy ironing. She was at peace.

It was a good day to celebrated -moms baby- we had Arby’s roast beef sandwiches and CCC. We even sang Happy Birthday.   Right after finishing her sandwich mom had a cookie and then another – she was going for the third and I had to step in.  “mom, you had a milkshake with your sandwich and two cookies already- are you sure you can handle another cookie?”  She responded, “did I already have a cookie?”   Sigh!  Yes mom- you’ve had two already.  “Oh, ok- then I don’t need another one right now.”

This is why she is in assisted living.  She needs assistance in not eating an entire batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies in one setting.  LOL  

I take her back to her place- she had no idea what we did all day.  But that’s okay- my brother and I do. 

Peace & Love,Cheryl Doreen

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