Dorothy’s Dementia

Dorothy called at 6:15 right on time, we had just spent the day together and celebrated a birthday.  But, she did not remember.  It’s sundowners time- and nothing can stop it. I was still at my brothers and I answered the phone- put her on speaker and the routine started.  Paul, listened for a few minutes, then looked at me and asked me how I did it. How do you listen to that every night?   I explained to him that listening to her is sort of like a husband listens to his wife in the funny papers- LOL.   Instead of nodding every once in a while- I will say something to her- to let her know I’m still there.   All she needs is someone to listen to her in that moment.   

I will admit when she got to the part in her song about the neighbors saying she was having inapproiate behavior – I stopped talking and told him I wanted to see if it was the eggs, beans or corn- that she was going to talk about tonight. We laughed (we could of cried-but why?) we she said beans.

Her song was loud and long tonight- I cut her off after 21 minutes and told her I’d have to call her back. 

She called back 10 minutes later- not knowing that she just hung up.

This is a weird disease. )-:     Just remember it’s not them- and just do what you can.

Peace & Love,

Cheryl Doreen

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