Dorothy’s Dementia

Dorothy called again last night- Her song was pretty mellow the first three phone calls- but, this one was different.  

 “Cheryl, you are not going to believe what just happened!”  I responded (with actual anticipation as to what had just happened) What?  I asked.

“A man just walked into my room.”  I replied what?  Really?  Did you leave the door unlocked (then wished I hadn’t said it)?  Then right away I said are you ok?   “yes, I’m ok, but I wonder if all the doors have the same key? If so, I’m going to pull my chair over in front of my door before I go to bed.”     This circle of conversation went on for a few minutes.

I listened and let her tell me what she thought about it.  After a few minutes- I asked again if she was ok- “yes, I’m fine”.  I told her that I would call the front office and make them aware of the problem and ask them how they are going to fix it.   I told her I’d call her back, Told her I loved her and if she needed me to call me.   

I never called back- logic tells me she just left her door unlocked.  (-:

I feel pretty confident that a few moments after she hung up the phone – she forgot the entire occurrence.

Breathe In- Breathe Out.

Peace & Love,

Cheryl Doreen

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