Dorothy’s Dementia

Dorothy was notin a good mood yesterday- she started calling just after lunch- she was not a happy woman!  Last week when I was there, I left her a big activity book – it’s a 1st-3rdgrade activity book.  You know the ones; they have different activities on each page- color all the butterflies blue- or practice your printing- how many words can you write down that start with the letter W.    

I take her calls- always with an upbeat voice and ask how she is.  After I quietly listened to her tribulations -I asked her to get her activity book and have some down time doing a few pages.  She firmlytold me that she had already done some of that work and she wasn’t doing anymore today.   

Breathe in – breathe out.

I then suggested that she get her book and go outside and read- “it’s a beautiful day mom”- yes, it is a beautiful day Cheryl, and I do not need to be in the place.   I could tell that I was not going to get her to calm down – so I told her I was at work- which I was- and that I’d have to call her back.   

Again, I tried to calm her down and get her focused on going outside to read- finally she agreed to go outside- but, not before another minute of listening to her tell me why she did not need to be there.

It’s hard- it sucks!  Stay strong and remember -they are hurting more that you are- they just don’t remember.

Peace & Love,

Cheryl Doreen

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