Dorothy’s Dementia

Dorothy has been in an uncomfortable state for the last few days- the moon in the “new” phase- (which means nonexistent in the sky) – and I wonder if that darkness that we experience in the universe affects her more.     Not that I’ve been keeping a true tally what days are more stressful for her than others other days, but- I’m thinking the moon is to blame.  LOL      The full moon also seems to affect her (and others) in stranger ways.  

This bring to mind the song by JD (John David) Souther “Banging my head against the moon” (Black Rose Album).   If not, indulge in some classic 70’s cool grooving music- great song – great album. Maybe I’ll play this one for mom next time she’s in the car. (-:

She still sings her song- if you don’t know it- go back a few posts her entire album is there.

Everybody deserves somebody to listen to them.  Even when it’s a sad song- which brings Elton John’s Sad Songs (they say so much) – (Breaking Hearts Album) to mind with the lyrics “When all hope is gone, sad songs say so much” give it a listen it also is a great song.

I hope you are that person to someone, and I hope you have that person in your life to help you cope when you need it most.

It will be alright- find the sunshine, find the goodness, find the fun, find the heart -in the one you are helping- it’s still there- even if they are demented.  

Peace & Love,

Cheryl Doreen

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