Dorothy’s Dementia

Dance like no one is watching!   That’s exactly what Dorothy and I did Friday.   I picked her up at the normal time and we did the normal routine. She is too funny- when we go to the favorite “junky “store  Revive– in Woodstock, mom will see something – pick it up- ask what day it is -(the longer the merchandise sits in the store the lower the price gets) she tries to figure out the pricing and dates on the tag.  She can never figure it out- but she keeps trying and keeps asking me to explain it to her.  The surrounding people that overhear this constant batter back and forth- either smile in compassion for both of us or look at us with confusion and wonder and sometimes annoyance.

It’s okay- I don’t let it bother me- it’s all about mom.  Again, I have to treat her like of my grandsons- or I don’t think I could survive the trials.   After about 5 or 6 times she stops asking- but still looks at the price and says “Well, they finally figured out they have to lower their prices to sell this stuff.”  LOLOLOL!!!!!!

 This actually would make a great short comedy for a film festival- Gary are you reading this?  

We complete our routine and since it was a rainy and nasty day- I decided to take her back to her place an hour earlier- on Fridays they have live entertainment/music and we arrived just as they got started.   We took her laundry to her room and I said, come on mom- let’s go dance-you can put this stuff away later.  

When we got to the “activities room” they were playing a slow song, so we sat down, and the nurses came and took moms drink order- they are allowed wine-or soda- but she chose water.  The next song was “Peggy Sue” – not quite like Buddy Holly- but ok for this crowd.   I said mom- do you want to dance?  She said, “why sure!”

We got up and started cutting the rug.  I learned a long time ago to dance like no one is watching, that’s when it’s the most fun!     

We were in the back of the room- and only a few of the folks saw us- but when they did- their feet started tapping and their heads started bobbing.  (0:  It was a “feel good” moment.  Mom really got into it and was totally enjoying herself.   The next song was another slow one and I told mom to go ask her friend Chuck to dance- and to my surprise -she did!   They got through the slow song- with mom leading -LOL- and then another fast one came on and I joined in – Chuck made it about half way through the second song and had to sit down.  He’s health is declining every day- and it did my heart good – to have a memory of dancing with Chuck.

It was a good day and I will make more of an effort to get mom back early on Friday’s for a dance party! I wonder if any of the musical groups that come to the home know “Can’t stop the feeling by Justin Timberlake? If not, I’ll have to pull it up and play it for a random dance party!

Today was a good day!

Peace & Love,

Cheryl Doreen

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