Dorothy’s Dementia

It’s Sunday- and Paul got mom and brought her back to her old house- my house now-  I purchased it from her-and I’m in the final renovations. It has been a long haul- but it will be worth it.  I’m purging, downsizing and getting ready for my next 25 years of life.  I will be glad when this year is over, and all of this is behind me.  It’s been tiresome- to say the least- purging is the hardest thing, but- I do not want to leave all my material “treasures” behind for my children, grandchildren to deal with.  

I wanted mom to come over to help with cleaning- she still likes to be useful and feel as though she is important. What is more important than cleaning the kitchen- including the cabinets?   She was happy to be “out” and very happy to do something helpful.   She did a great job- she must have cleaned the same thing 7 times- which is ok- she is feeling good about herself.   

Paul took her back after about 4 hours- and he stopped at the Ice Cream store to get her a sundae.  He said that once in the car and around the corner, she had no idea where she had been or what she had done.   She truly is only in the moment.   

She called at the normal time, singing her song, unaware of the fantastic day she just spent with two of her children – with lunch and ice cream to top it off.  I listened patiently to her song, then she told me something I’d never heard before.  “Cheryl, did you know they are building a walking path here- that goes all around the building?” I’ so excited- I can’t wait until it is completed- it’s a concrete walkway that goes all around the apartments.  I replied that this was the first I’d heard of it – and she proceeded to talk about it for 5 minutes.  

She then asked how the kids and great grandkids were doing and after that was at a loss of what else to talk about.   I could tell she was not ready to end the conversation, so I asked her to tell me about the walking path that they were building.  She replied to me like I was crazy- “I do not know what you are talking about- they are not building anything like that here- there is no way that would happen.”   I apologized and told her I misunderstood- and she changed the subject back to kids and great grandkids.   

Breathe in Breathe out!

Enjoy the moments, they are what we have in the moment.   “Love the one you’re with “Crosby, Stills and Nash

Peace & Love,

Cheryl Doreen

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