Dorothy’s Dementia

Mom started calling at noon today – she’s having another bad day.   She has no idea what day it is or what happened today- what she had for breakfast-or what happened three minutes ago.    And to be honest- I’m not in the mood for this today- but I suck it up and look past the disease and just focus on Dorothy.  That’s what it’s about- mom.  So, I put her on mute- breathe in and out- and try to not listen or take it seriously- I have found when I don’t feel like listening- this is the best thing to do- just be there, but, block it out.  

Some days are hard for me to be on the receiving end of the struggle that she endures.  I totally understand why people cannot deal with their loved ones in this situation.  I’m sure it becomes a chore and a burden- and when it comes to that level for me- I will have to decide what to do about it.   

I don’t think I will have a hard time letting go- and scaling back from what I do now.  I do not want to remember mom as a burden- or put her on mute all the time or get frustrated.  It’s not about me. 

So, as I have her on mute and she is singing her song, I reflect on all the good times we had- I try to go way back to when the family was a family- growing up on Cherry Street in Germantown, Ohio.   These were some of the happiest moments of my life.  Listen to “The Innocent Age”- Dan Fogelberg 

Peace & Love, 

Cheryl Doreen

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