Dorothy’s Dementia

I got the call today, that I didn’t want to hear.  (Don Henley- End of the Innocence- there is no refence to this in this post- but I like the line and love the song)  Brookdale- mom’s place of residence called and said that she had fallen and was in extreme pain and that they had called the Ambulance.  They needed to know where to transport her.  There is a new hospital just up the road from Woodstock in Canton, so I directed them there. (the same hospital that Chuck – her friend was in- and I took her up for a visit).

I was just about to walk into my grandboy’s play at the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta- when I got the call.  I called my daughter to let her know what was happening and drove the 45 minutes to Canton. It was a beautiful sunny, blue sky, cloudy day it was gorgeous, and the ride was very peaceful. 

When I walked into the Emergency room, she was very uncomfortable and very agitated.  She was happy to see me – but had no idea how she had gotten there or why she was there. Every few minutes she would ask the same questions. Over and over and over again.  She had to use the restroom and when they moved her up on the bedpan her pain was excruciating.  They cannot load her up with morphine all at once and it took them several hours to get her calm and pain free. After they got her stabilized, she was in and out- and not in pain.  The emergency room doctor diagonises broken hip.

Before they admitted her- they came in and did x-rays-it was very painful for her to be moved around for the pictures.  But once that was done, they moved her quickly up to her room.  It’s a coincidence- that she got the same room as her friend Chuck had when he was in the last time.   

There was nothing else that Paul or I could do for mom and she was resting comfortably.  So, we headed out- to try to rest to be back in the morning to the doctor – after the xrays were read.

Peace & Love,

Cheryl Doreen

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