Dorothy’s Dementia Chapter 2

Dorothy has a nurse who looks like Clark Kent- mom loves him!  

Jan, mom’s friend for over 30 + years came to see her this afternoon and it literally woke her up! Thanks Jan!   she was so “out of it” until you came.  She named the teddy bear Jerry, I’ll have to remember so I can remind her.  

  It’s 6:15 and I’m watching her get out of bed,even with help she fights to get to the bedside commode and back to bed- it has worn her out.  

  I would much rather her be calling me on the phone singing her song- than sitting here with her in this room.  

Last night was a tough night for mom- I hope her night is better tonight.

Peace & Love,Cheryl Doreen

2 thoughts on “Dorothy’s Dementia Chapter 2

  1. I’m all caught up. Thanks for the journey. I’m so sorry about Dorothy’s fall. Old age can be such an inconvenience to the one that is old. Glad she is responding appropriately to surgery. Prayers for a speedy smooth recovery.


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