Dorothy’s Dementia Chapter 2

Dorothy had a much better night- no confusion- no wild night -they said she slept like a baby.  (-:   Paul and I went to the hospital together this morning- it’s going to be a busy day.  Mom will be released Tuesday or Wednesday- and we have to find a Rehab Center.   We’ve already done some word of mouth and internet research- we have a plan.  Availability is going to be the biggest challenge.

Mom is more alert and with it today (-:   and the Monday staff is here, and I must say it is so different than the weekend crew.   She still has no idea where she is and how she got her or what happened. 

She has a new verse for her song.  (0-:

Paul and I left and were gone most of the day and we had success.  I’ll admit it was difficult at times, and you know it’s true what they say, if you know how to play the game, you can be successful.

Just know that if your demented- or any elderly loved one falls- be prepared to make the tough decisions.

  1. Do you know what hospital you want them to go to?  What one you don’t want them to go to?
  2. Is it life threatening?  Can you refuse care- per their directive and wishes? Can they go to hospice? Are you ready for them to follow “the light”?  Are you prepared?  Remember we all get to die it’s tough but sometimes there are worse things than death.
  3. What are the repercussions of the surgery?  Will they be worse off?  
  4. Do you know anyone in the health care profession that you can reach out to for guidance? Assistance? Do you know if they have Medicare? Medicaid? Secondary Insurance? 
  5. Are you all on the same page?

It is tough to make these decisions- especially if everyone is not on the same page, or if the questions were never asked- as to what will eventually be reality that will have to be faced head on. Make sure your head is in the right place.  Make sure your team is on the same page. Make it easy on yourself.

Know how to play the game, be prepared and play to win!

Peace & Love,

Cheryl Doreen

One thought on “Dorothy’s Dementia Chapter 2

  1. Your advice is golden! Been thru this and every word you stated is so true & valuable. Yes, it is difficult, but you are right, there are worse things. Blessings to you & your brother.


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